About Bertus Preller and Associates

Bertus Preller Divorce Lawyer

Bertus Preller is a Divorce Attorney at Bertus Preller & Associates Inc., in Cape Town. He specializes in Family law and Divorce Law. Bertus is also the Family Law expert on Health24.com and on the expert panel of Law24.com and is frequently quoted on Family Law issues in newspapers such as the Sunday Times and Business Times and magazines such as Noseweek, You and Huisgenoot, and also appeared on SABC television on the 3 Talk TV show. His clients include artists, celebrities, sports people and high networth individuals. His areas of expertise are Divorce Law, Family Law, Divorce Mediation, Parenting Plans, Parental Responsibilities and Rights, Custody (care and contact) of children, same sex marriages, unmarried fathers rights, domestic violence matters, international divorce law, digital rights, media law and criminal law.

A:Ground Floor, The Chambers, 50 Keerom Street, Cape Town, 8000

O: +27 (0) 21 422 2581

F: 086 572 8373

C: +27 (0) 83 443 9838

E: bertus@divorceattorney.co.za

W: http://www.divorceattorney.co.za

2 thoughts on “About Bertus Preller and Associates

    • Our authorities are not entirely clear on this point. Parents and children may have a reciprocal duty of support. It is so that it could be argued that children have a duty to support their parents and grandparents, but always subject to the rule that support must be claimed from nearer relatives first. The duty is based on filial piety. It has been stated in previous court cases that the criteria is a stringent one and more stringent than when a parent needs to support a child than the other way round.

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