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Bertus Preller

B.Proc; AD Dip L Law

Family Law Attorney

A: Ground Floor, The Chambers, 50 Keerom Street, Cape Town, 8000

O: +27 (0) 21 422 2581

F: 086 572 8373

C: +27 (0) 83 443 9838



E:; W:; Twitter:; Facebook:; Skype: divorceattorney

2 thoughts on “Contact Details

  1. My wife of 5yrs is seeking divorce. We are married in COP. I was served with sommonses on Wednesday (17/08/2011). I had no signs prior to that as she always would say “I love you, blah, blah, blah). Seemingly she took confidential material from home to supply to his lawyer inter alia the pension fund number is displayed on the summonses. Here is the scenario. We have a car (+/- R 40K) registered in her name. She is unemployed and was retrenched in December 2010. Strange enough, I don’t know if she was paid any money at all. I have debt/loans (+/- R 70K), she is on my medical aid. According to the summonses I have 10 days to response, failing which she can proceed. What is each of us entitled to as to assest and liabilities? We don’t own fixed property. Can i ask a lawyer to help not contest but give him all my financial aspects or my insurance (Legalwise) to handle everything or what can be the best way. Please advise, especially in relation to division of assets. What can she get and cannot and what can i also keep. We do not have kids between us but, I have a thirteen year old daughter from previous relationship, which she swears SHE HATES.

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